Case Modding - The altering of a PC's interior or exterior to make it as distinctive as its owners personality and tastes. No self respecting PC enthusiast leaves their machine in a stock configuration, in either hardware, software, or appearance or all of the above for some modders.

We will now give you a small taste of this as we show you ways to take your standard PC to the next level.

  • Custom Computer

    While it may seem that the evolution of computers is about at its end, that is not the case. Indeed the presence of computers in the home is no longer a novelty. With the emergence of the ability to order a Custom Computer thats built exactly to meet your personal or company needs and have it delivered to your door ready to go to work.
  • Custom Computer Cases

    Let's face it; the first thing you notice about a Custom Computer Case is its appearance. Since the computer case is highly visible and usually reflects on the owners tastes and personality, it becomes quite a personal choice as to which one to get. The computer case is not really an accessory -- it is an integral part of the computer

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  • Custom Built Computer

    A Custom Built Computer is cheaper, and on average more reliable than a brand name computer. One reason for this is the a brand name computer companies buy there parts in Bulk because they get a better cost from the manufacturer, this in turn throws the old saying quality before quantity right out the windows. Another big advantage of buying a custom built computer is that you get exactly what you pay for.

  • Cool Computer Cases

    The problem with a lot of computer cases is they look, well, a little boring. Now if your interested in a Cool Computer Case that stands out from the rest and matches your unique personality and tastes then you have come to the right place. Here we will take a quick look at 4 of todays leaders in manufacturing of high end custom computer towers
  • Computer Mods

    Case mods and Computer Mods are the most popular trends in computers today. Futuristic design in computer cases is coming more to the forefront every year yet there is a need for some modders to go beyond the market norm and create there own Custom Computer Mods.