Looking for a Cool Computer Case but don't know where to start? . . .

The problem with a lot of computer cases is they look, well, a little boring. Now if your interested in a Cool Computer Case that stands out from the rest and matches your unique personality and tastes then you have come to the right place. Here we will take a quick look at 4 of todays leaders in manufacturing of high end custom computer towers that offer a wide range of options when it comes to mods such as liquid cooling, extra cooling fans and unique case window mods. Remember the computer cases manufacturers choosen here are in My opinion some of the best on the market, again an opinion, and we all know the saying about opinions -- their like as------ well nevermind. My choices are Thermaltake Computer Cases, Antec Computer Cases, Li Lian Aluminum Computer Cases and last but far from least Alienware computer cases.

Nice Thing about these High End Custom Computer Cases. . .

Is they come ready right out of the box to have custom mods added to them. Thermaltake Computer Cases are a great example, many of their cases such as Armor, Kandalf, Tai-Chi and Shark are easily upgraded to house internal or external liquid cooling systems as well as lighting and fan mods. Note: Most Thermaltake Computer Cases are quite large so make sure you have the space as well as medical coverage when it comes time to move it.

Antec, what can you say about this company other then WOW! Antec won not only the Best Computer Case Maker title but also the Best PSU Maker award what kind of combination is that! Enjoy the sleek piano black finish of their Lifestyle Series or the Nine Hundred the Ultimate Gamer Case as well as the Speciality Series just waiting for your mods of choice.

Lian Li are one of the largest and most reputable manufacturers of aluminum PC case on the market today. Not only are their cases well designed and stylish they have become the tower of choice for modders around the world. There sturdy aluminum construction opens a whole world of mods just waiting to be tryed.

Last but not least...Alienware...recently acquired by DELL, this in NO way has diminished the quality of this incredible computer tower. The design of these towers is outstanding and the shape and design graphics on the cases simply insane!

Hope that helps you when it comes time to get rid of that drab non-discript yellowing...you get the point...tower and go looking for a cool computer case to call your own. Happy Shopping!.



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