The Advantages of Building or Buying Your Dream Custom Built Computer . . .

A Custom Built Computer is cheaper, and on average more reliable than a brand name computer. One reason for this is the a brand name computer companies buy there parts in Bulk because they get a better cost from the manufacturer, this in turn throws the old saying quality before quantity right out the windows. Another big advantage of buying a custom built computer is that you get exactly what you pay for. You get to pick exactly what parts are going into the computer case, Hell you even get to choose the computer case. With a little bit of research on the internet or even visits to your local computer shops you can read articles and ask questions and then know which parts play nicely together, example, excuse me but how well will this NVidia Video Card work on this Asus SLI mainboard? Knowing the answers to questions like this will make sure you get the custom built computer your looking for..

Things to keep in mind when building a Custom Computer. . .

Lets touch on quickly what I consider the 4(four) most important choices you have to make when building your custom computer:

1) Computer Tower - The computer case is not really an accessory -- it is an integral part of the computer--think UPGRADES! Be sure the tower is capable of mounting various kinds of Mainboards such as Intel ATX, Micro ATX, Intel BTX ,Micro BTX and Pico BTX.

2)Power Supply - As computers have progressed so have their need of more power to run them. Most Mainboard and CPU manufacturers like Intel, AMD and Asus have a list of recommended power supplies. NOTE - Some Warrantys on Mainboards and CPU's can be voided if the power supply does not meet or excede the CPU's or Mainboard's manufacturers min requirements.

3) The Mainboard - Again crucial is the ability for the Mainboard to be UPGRADABLE! This includes everything from CPU size, Slots for RAM(Random Access Memory) Video Slot, is it AGP or the Newer PCI-Express, hard drives, SATA, SATA2, IDE, SCSI, find out its worth your time.

4) CPU - The very heart of your custom built computer, why is it not #1 on this list, because without all those other parts all you will have is an expensive paperweight. There are 2 major manufacturers duking it out for your CPU bucks, Intel and AMD (Advanced Micro Devices). Both offer a high end CPU, in the price battle AMD usually comes in under the Intel. That choice I will leave to you and your needs.

In closing Getting a custom built computer is a great way to go, I hope this helps you find out if a custom built computer is right for you.



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