Choosing a Custom Computer Case is not an easy task . . .

Let's face it; the first thing you notice about a Custom Computer Case is its appearance. Since the computer case is highly visible and usually reflects on the owners tastes and personality, it becomes quite a personal choice as to which one to get. The computer case is not really an accessory -- it is an integral part of the computer so its important to choose a Custom Computer Case that offers both excellent workmanship and reliability as well as great design and eye catching looks. Here are a few things to keep in mind when your out shopping for that perfect tower.

A good custom computer case is important for a high-performance PC.

A computer case is likely to outlast just about any other component in your system so it's very important that you invest your money accordingly.

Do a little research on the manufacturer, read reviews on their products

And top of my list, make sure that the tower you choose has the ability to house a large selection of Mainboard and Power Supply combinations.

ThermalTake, Lian Li, Antec who's the Best?. . .

I have only listed 3 manufacturers of high quality custom computer cases, there are many many more out there but lets start with these three. Antec has developed a significant reputation as one of the pioneers in the computer case market. The Antec Company won not only the Best Computer Case Maker title but also the Best PSU Maker award.Thermaltake cases are popular among computer enthusiasts and gamers. Some of the cases include Xaser, Tsunami, Viking, LanFire, and Armour. All the cases are marketed as being created with cooling requirements in mind and are easily adapted to liquid cooling. Thermaltake also markets power supplies.Lian Li are one of the largest and most reputable manufacturers of aluminum PC case on the market today and are fast becoming computer modders tower of choice when looking to do extreme mods..

Remember this, your custom computer case is only limited by your own imagination....happy hunting.



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