Building Custom Computers for the Home and Small Office . . .

While it may seem that the evolution of computers is about at its end, that is not the case. Indeed the presence of computers in the home is no longer a novelty. With the emergence of the ability to order a Custom Computer thats built exactly to meet your personal or company needs and have it delivered to your door ready to go to work. The demand for these custom computers is extremely high. ProductCart Build To Order is an ideal solution for selling custom computers on the Internet as Proven by Large computer suppliers such as Dell, Hewlett Packard and Gateway.

There is also the more hands on method, the world of small computers is getting bigger by the minute and the odds of you finding a local company that can build a custom computer the way you want, to your specifications is High. The nice part about these local computer stores is they can provide you with a custom built computer with superior components that are price competitive with mass produced models. Also another advantage of the custom computer is the ability to choose the hard drives, cpus, memory, monitors, Internet routers, networking and video cards that will fill your needs.

Liquid Cooling VS Fan Cooling ?. . .

Now we are entering the realm of BIG TIME custom computer modifications when you get into liquid cooling your computer. Don't worry there is a simple solution, a prebuilt water cooled computer case is great for anyone who wants to get into custom Water Cooling without the hassle and risk of doing it themselves. The Battle between CPU (Fan) coolers and Liquid Cooling has heated up lately with the dropping prices and larger availability of liquid cooling parts for most cpu and motherboard manufacturers. On the other hand fan cooler manufacturers have adopted the notion that bigger is better, which works but at the cost of the fans getting so big that they will not fit in anything short of a full sized tower. The Pros and Cons for both sides are many but it basically comes down to just how custom you want your computer to be.

It's a mod, mod, mod, mod world...whats stopping you?



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